5th Class 2

June 2015


We looked at examples of street art this month. We looked at 3D chalk art and tried our own versions. We enjoyed working together and being creative. 



April/May 2015


We have been learning about the parts of a plant and what a plant needs to grow.  We planted sunflowers and have been watching them for signs of development. We used bio-degradable containers so we can plant them outside when they are ready.


March 2015


5th class have been working hard on our knitting this month. We made cushions by knitting 18 squares in different colours and sewing them together. We have nice comfy seats in school now!

February 2015

As part of our Discovery Primary Science work fifth class explored the effects of exercise on our heartrates.  We measured our heart

rate at rest and then ran and danced around the classroom for one minute.  We measured it again and recorded this.  We exercised for a

further three minutes before recording our heartrates for a third time.  After five minutes recovery we measured our heartrates for the last time and analysed our results.

January 2015

This month we did project work in geography. We learned about the countries of the EU and about Italy in particular. Each girl did her own project and presented it to the class.


December 2014


5th class sang as part of the school choir for the Junior Infant nativity play. Ms Baxter prepared two hymns with us; “Joy to the World” and “O Holy Night”. Our singing was beautiful and we enjoyed taking part. 

November 2014


This month we read “The Mozart Question” by Michael Morpurgo. We read the novel and did art inspired by Michael Foreman’s illustrations. We did written activities and listened to some Mozart. We wrote our own review of the book and did some drama based on the characters of Paolo, Mama, Papa and Benjamin.



October 2014

In music we looked an extract from a story and created sound effects. We read “Hallowe’en” and worked in groups to add sound effects. We used body percussion, our voices and musical instruments to add sound to the story. We made it very spooky and scared our teacher!


September 2014

We have been learning about Ireland. We revised the provinces and counties. We also learned about bays, headlands and islands. Our favourite part was playing “Know Your Ireland” on the Interactive Whiteboard!