6th Class 2

June 2015

The sixth class girls said a fond farewell to St. Brigid's GNS with a celebration Mass and a Graduation Ceremony.  It was a wonderful afternoon with just a few tears!!! 

Thanks to the Parent's Association each girl received an autograph book and pen to record their good luck messages to each other and to save each others contact details so that they can keep intouch.  Well done girls and good luck in secondary school!!! 






April/May 2015


Sixth Class girls were busy over the past few weeks creating lots of lovely pieces of art.

We were learning all about the circle in maths so we made spiral designs using our compasses for one lesson.

We also got the opportunity to use air dough and made fabulous pieces.

Finally, we did an art lesson based on the Ancient Egyptians.


March 2015


Sixth class made lovely Easter baskets last week using clay and we painted them this week. Some of the girls also made eggs and a few even attempted a bunny. We really enjoyed this lesson.  


February 2015


Sixth class had great fun doing gymnastics in P.E. this month.  We set up stations and tried out lots of activities ranging from the beam

and the trampoline to the space hoppers and agility ladders.

January 2015


Sixth class were busy this month as we started working on our Confirmation art for displays in the church. We used a selection of colourful crepe paper to decorate our candles.

December 2014


Sixth class were busy this month creating some beautiful pieces of art for Christmas. We made Nativity scenes using card and tissue paper. We also got the opportunity to create hanging mobile decorations. We had great fun.

November 2014


Sixth Class were busy this month learning about the U.S.A. We have just started working on projects. We used our computer time to research lots of facts. Some groups chose to do a powerpoint. We also learned all about the American Revolution in History and really enjoyed it. 

October 2014


This month we attended a drumming workshop by Drum Dance Ireland in Tallaght Library.  We had a chance to play and listen to a variety of drums and percussion instruments.  We experimented with the drums and we found our own rhythms.  We loved playing the drums, singing and dancing to the beat. Even our teacher joined in with the dancing! It was fantastic and some of us realised we have drumming skills that we never knew we had!!

September 2014

The girls in sixth class had great fun making paper mache eyes this month for Art. We are also learning about the eye in Science. It is really interesting.