3rd/4th Class 2

June 2015

These are some of the pictures from our school tour in Donadea Forest Park.

We started with an orienteering course, Kayleigh found the number seven clue that was buried in the grass.

We went for a scavenger hunt in the forest, we found lots of interesting things. The next day in school we made some forest art. Some pictures are included.

We had to collect materials and we made ‘mini rafts’ which we floated in the lake.

We had a great year and are looking forward to the holidays and next year

April/May 2015

We started knitting in April. First we all made a bow or hairbands. After this we moved on to ‘Hooting Henry’ and friends. Each friend has his own name- Pinky, Floppy, Tweet, Flappy, Charlie and Candyfloss. More friends are being knitted as we speak. Some girls moved onto knitting teddy bears. You can see Rhiannon and Caoilfhinn’s bears on the table. More to come in June…

A special thanks to Ms. Shore for all her help and hard work with our knitting


Japanese Fans

In History we were learning about the legend of princess Hase of Japan. We designed and made some fans to represent scenes from the story and Japanese culture. They are framing our classroom door, welcoming everyone inside to work.


March 2015


In March we used chalk and pastels to make Salvador Dali pictures. Here is our work.


It was Green Day On March 20th, we all dressed in green, have a look at us!


February 2015


This month we made lots of Viking jewellery from

clay and painted them.  We also worked very hard on our projects about countries around the world. They are hanging up outside the classroom.

Did you know?

 The President of Nigeria is named Goodluck Jonathan. (Alanah)

 The official sport of Madagascar is Rugby.  (Chloe).

 The Panama Canal was man-made. (Sophie).

  In North Korea it is illegal to wear jeans. (Beth).

 There are only 19 very rich people in Kenya. (Lucy).

January 2015


This month we are learning about Vikings.

Some facts about Vikings are:

  • Vikings saw the game chess being played and brought the game home. (Ellie).

  • The Oseberg ship was found on a bog in a farm in Norway. (Chloe)

  • Viking toys were homemade and dolls were made from wood. (Sophie).

  • Even old horses had their uses, Vikings ate them! (Sarah F)

  • When Viking warriors died their bodies were often placed in longships which were buried or set alight and put out to sea. (Kate).


Here are our Viking longships art that we worked very hard on. It may be our best art yet!!


December 2014


Here is some Art that we did in December. We painted the night sky with the moon and created the Nativity scene using black silhouettes. They are hanging up along the stairs and on the window.

As part of our homework every girl coloured one scene from The First Christmas story and they are hanging up in our classroom.

Oh No!! Santa got stuck in the chimney! You can also see Mrs. Claus here and Santa with his sleigh and reindeer.


Happy Christmas Everyone from all in Ms. Ferguson’s third and fourth class ;)


November 2014


3rd and 4th class had to find a new home because there was a flood. It was great fun having a classroom in the hall and doing PE at the bottom of our class. Now we are in another new home. We are getting ready for Christmas.


Here is Megan, Sarah and Alexa displaying a sample of our Famous Women projects. We found out about a lot of interesting women.


Now we have Samantha, Daniella and Avril showing some more projects. Every girl put a lot of hard work and presented their project to the whole class. Well done girls!!!


Last Friday we were fashion designers! This is only a small sample showing the work of Emily, Lucy, Alanah, Aoife, Chloe and Emma. We had lots of fun.

October 2014

Our Halloween projects:


Ms. Ferguson’s 3rd and 4th class made some Halloween projects. We got two sheets of paper, stapled them together and wrote some facts and drew some pictures and stuck them on. Here are some samples of our projects. J

Written by Kayleigh J and Rhiannon J



This is Ms. Fergusons fourth class with their symmetry pictures.

One person drew one half and another person completed the other half. Our theme was Halloween objects. We had a great time trying to make the two halves look the same!!!

Written by Amber Cleary and Kate O’Connor!!!!


This is our art from last week. We painted scary pictures about Halloween. We painted the background, first in yellow, then red and then we painted the pictures in black. We painted haunted houses and wolves and witches and other things to do with Halloween. Teacher put them on the windows. 

Written by Paige Ellis  and Aoife Phelan.



September 2014

This month we brought in some personal artefacts that belonged to our families.


We had lots of fun on COW Day. Mooooo!


Here is some of our first pieces of Art from Sept 2014.