3rd/4th Class 1

June 2015

We had a busy month in June. We looked at the work of Matisse and drew our own responses to his work.


We also attended the official ceremony for the opening of the new cycle lane and pathway from Palmerstown to Chapelizod. The mayor of Dublin South County Council was there to officiate but as you can see it was really the girls in third and fourth classes that did the honours and we have the ribbon to prove it!

We were also out and about with Grace    from the heritage in schools programme working on discovering the plants, insects trees that are in our school grounds.mmmmmmmmmmm not finished.

April/May 2015

This month we looked at the work of Tony O’ Malley and we used our imaginations to construct some art. We used our mind’s eye to draw a dreamlike picture. We discussed our pictures with the rest of our class and we drew some really interesting ones

We also studied Japan this month and designed some brochures for it. We were paid a visit by Ms. Cranny who visited Japan on her worldwide tour and she showed some photos on our interactive white board.

As part of Eco-week, run by South Dublin County Council, our class was visited by Emma Murphy. Emma works for a charitable group called ‘Amawele’ which means ‘Twin’ in Xhosa a language spoken in South Africa. ‘Amawele’ link SDC schools to rural South African schools educating both sets of students on food security, sustainable development and environmental awareness.

Emma told us about the townships in South Africa and explained how some children live there. We also learned about the schools in these communities, the food the children eat at school and the lessons they study. However it was even better coming from the horse’s mouth, so after break we made a skype call to a rural school in South Africa and asked the students there our own questions.

We have also been busily knitting! We are knitting cushions, hairbands and bags. Here you can see the finished product! We also designed sock puppets. Here is one!

Eleven of our girls competed in running competitions in Griffeen Valley Park and Corkagh Park. They have great fun training every week and have done St. Brigid’s proud.






March 2015

As you can see we have been busy this month working on our projects about Renewable Energy. We all chose a different aspect and wrote about a renewable source such as wind, solar, tidal and bio fuels. We researched the topic and worked in groups compiling our information.

We also worked with first and second class reading our leabhair Gaeilge le haghaidh “ Seachtain na Gaeilge”. Bhí an-spóirt againn.

We‘ve been researching information about a famous artist called Salvador Dali. Did you know he had a sister called Ana –Maria, he lived in Spain and his most famous painting was “The Persistence of Memory”. We also drew melting clocks in response to his work.

Of course having the greenest teacher in the school meant that we had a great day on Green Day. We played The Biscuit Game to show how the earth’s resources are not shared out equally and we all decided to give more to Trócaire.


February 2015

Third and Fourth Class News.

This month as you can see we were very busy reading in our school library.  We are all fans

of Michael Morpurgo!  Fourth class read the novel ‘The Wreck of the Zanzibar and third

class are starting ‘Tom’s Sausage Lion’ in class, so the books in our library by this author are

going fast!  We were also busy working on our maths.  Here we are discovering our many cards it takes to cover a table and a window. Yes you’ve guessed it-we are working on area!

We also finished our wonderful projects on the countries of the world. We found lots of

information and are now reading them for the class.

January 2015

This month as you can see we had great fun learning a Robert Louis Stephenson poem called “Windy Nights”. We made up a drama about it in groups and performed for the class. We hope it helps us remember the lines! We also were busy learning about one of the first peoples from Mesopotamia. We have also started projects on countries of our choice and will be working on them for a few weeks.

In art we made beautiful Winter Pictures in charcoal and pastels in response to the work of Petr Breughel. We also made collages from our collected Christmas sweet papers. See how well we did!

The quiz teams were picked for the Credit Union Quiz and three of our class friends were chosen. We wish them every good wish on Friday 30th and know they will do St. Brigid’s proud.

We are in charge of the Green Notice board this month and produced some fantastic posters to remind people about the value of water. We have some Top Tips too; Check out the Green News page.

December 2014

We are working hard in our new home in the boy's school.  We enjoy getting an extra bit of fresh air in the morning!  It's very warm over here.

We made clay decorations for art and we covered them with glitter so that they will sparkle on the Christmas tree.  We also learned about the rivers of Ireland and did another counties test!  We know them all now!  We learnt Silent Night in English, Irish and German and will preform it at our concert on Friday.

Happy Christmas from all in third and fourth class. 

November 2014

Third and fourth class activities in November

This month we were very lucky to be invited to a free game of bowling in Palmerstown Bowl. You can see how we enjoyed the experience! Some girls are definite contenders for the Olympics!

We also studied Amelia Earhart and her achievements and we designed our own fabulous modes of transport made from recycled materials. We had great fun constructing these and working co-operatively.

We all chose a famous woman and studied herstory (not history!) this month. Some girls worked as historians and produced fact files on Mother Teresa, Florence Nightingale, Marie Curie, President Mary Robinson, Hannah Skeehy- Sheffington   and lots of girls studied Ann Frank! We had great fun researching and will do more in the future. We are looking forward to our Christmas activities. We also made the big move to the boys school and want to thank them for being ‘Good Neighbours’ in our hour of need! There was room at the inn….!


October 2014

We had a very busy month in October. We really enjoyed constructing our masks for Hallow’een. We used a template and some paint and glitter. This is us making the masks and here are the finished product. We also learnt about Andy Warhol and pop art. We used unusual colours on our photographs to respond to his work.

We also composed our own rhythm patterns and performed them for the class. We had great fun doing this and learned what it was like to work in a band!

We visited Clondalkin Library and heard some interesting stories from a story teller. Ms Casey wants his chair! We also had a visit from the local vet nurse, Caitríona. She gave us some tips for looking after our pets during Hallow’een. Two of our girls dressed up as vets! Can you spot who they are!




September 2014

In third and fourth class, we brought in lots of artefacts from home for our history lessons. We investigated old irons, jewellery, recipe books, newspapers, dolls and coins. In these photographs we are investigating an old passport, some newspaper cuttings, jewellery and a policeman’s helmet. We are getting used to being back in school and have welcomed new girls too. We are looking forward to the new school year.