5th Class 1






June 2015

This month we learned about the famous artist Michelangelo, he was a talented painter, sculptor, poet and architect. We discussed his sculptures David and The Pieta and we looked at one of his most famous pieces- the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Michelangelo spent 4 years painting this ceiling and we wanted to know what it felt like to paint the roof of a building, so we lay down on the ground and stuck our pictures on the bottom of our tables…this made it feel like we were painting a ceiling! We selected a very famous piece of the Sistine Chapel known as the Creation. This shows Adam and God reaching out to each other. We enjoyed the lesson but we found it quite difficult. It gave us an appreciation of how Michelangelo would have felt after 4 years!!

April/May 2015

In History, we listened to the story of the Goblin of Tara. We retold it in our own words, using our wonderful artistic skills to illustrate it. This legend is also known as Fionn and the Dragon.


This month we learned all about the Solar system. We found it very interesting and we even borrowed books about Space, the Solar System and the various planets from the school library. We did a lot of research using these books and the internet. We were able to use this information, including new facts and images in our finished projects!


February 2015

During Engineers Week, we worked in groups to create and design Air Pollution detectors. These were hung up to investigate the air in different areas of our school.  After a week or two, we collected them and used magnifying glasses to see if we could identify the particles that stuck to them.  In February, we were also investigating what happens when you mix water and oil.  We made predictions and carried out investigations.  We learned how to make a Lava Lamp using oil, water, food colouring and Berocca tablets!

January 2015

We have been learning about the European Union this month. We all chose a European country to do a project on and we learned a lot. We researched various countries like Italy, France, Germany, Portugal, Sweden, the United Kingdom and of course Ireland! We had a great fun doing this! Ms Baynes was very impressed with our enthusiasm and creativity!

December 2014


Girls from 5th class choir and boys from St. Lorcan’s will be joining to sing with The Three Tenors on Friday 19th December in St. Philomena’s Church. We wish them well!

All of 5th class will sing some Christmas Carols at the Junior Infant Nativity play on Thursday 18th December. 

November 2014


Ms. Baxter’s 5th class visited the Jeanie Johnston Famine ship. We are studying the Famine in History and reading Under the Hawthorn Tree in English.


We took part in the Science fair. All the girls did experiments to make butter and a volcano. 


October 2014

Ms. Baxter’s 5th Class painted beautiful pictures using autumnal colours.


September 2014

Ms Baxter's 5th Class drew and painted beautiful pictures for the Credit Union art competition.