1st / 2nd Class 1


June 2015


We listened to summer music and then we painted summer pictures using lots of bright colours. We wrote stories about summer. We are looking forward to our holidays!


April/May 2015


We made puppets. We stitched them and then we decorated them with foam and sequins. We wrote all about our puppets on a puppet writing template designed by Madara.


March 2015


In Irish class we did a drama based on the story of the Three Little Pigs. We learned lots of Irish for ‘Seachtain na Gaeilge’. We made masks of the characters. We had great fun.


February 2015


We have been learning all about Australia this month. We designed boomerangs, we did some aboriginal paintings and we did projects. We had great fun.


January 2015


We are learning all about the emperor penguin. We made penguins using plastic bottles and other materials.


December 2014


We made Christmas decorations with clay. We painted them and decorated them with glitter.

November 2014


We are learning about 2 D shapes in Maths. We went on a shape hunt. We made shapes using geoboards and elastic bands. We made shape pictures.

We did an experiment to show how plants drink food.






October 2014


Ms Andrews’ class is full of witches.





September 2014

We had great fun making 3-D scarecrows. They are very colourful. They will scare away the birds for the farmer.