Senior Infants 2







June 2015

This year our 2 Senior Infant classes went on tour to Clonfert Pet Farm. Two buses arrived to St. Brigid’s to chauffeur us to the famer which is located just outside Maynooth. We had a fun filled, action packed day that ended all too soon...but as the saying goes ‘Time flies when you’re having fun!’

We began our adventure in the in-door play area, followed by the playground and the bouncy castle. Then we were taken on a tour of the animals where we saw wallabies, llamas, geese, rabbits, sheet, goats, ducks, a pea cock, horses, cows and ponies to name but a few.

We also paid the Clonfert Fairy Fort a visit and some of the tiny fairies even came out to say hello to us!

After seeing all the animals we tore around the track on the go carts and gave lots of cuddles to some tiny bunny rabbits.

After an out-door picnic we went to the second play ground and also played crazy golf. We had so much fun we didn’t want to leave but we made it back to school just on time for the 1.30 bell!

Thanks to all the staff in Clonfert Pet Farm for giving us such a wonderful day to remember!

April/May 2015

During the month of May we were revising some of our Gaeilge and holding conversations as Gaeilge. We used phrases like;

 ‘Dia dhiut’ ‘Dia is Mhuire dhuit’

‘Go raibh maith agat’ ‘Tá fáilte romhat’,

‘Slán leat’ ‘Slán leat a chara’,

‘Slán libh’ ‘Slán leat a mhúinteoir’


We love talking as Gaeilge! Our class puppets even know how to talk as Gaeilge. Look at how we worked with the puppets in pairs! We really enjoyed it.

March 2015


This month was full of activity. During PE time we did gymnastics. We climbed on a frame, walked with our hands, used stepping stones and walked on beams – we were very careful not to fall off because the crocodiles would get us! We also learned a couple of Irish dances The Walls of Limerick and Skip to My Lou for Seachtain na Gaeilge.

We conducted a very interesting Science experiment in the area of Energy and Forces. We gathered a number of items and investigated different ways of moving them. We explored how to pull and push and which movement best suited each item.

We all dressed up for Green Day and went on a walk to show off our costumes. We painted eggs for our Easter Baskets, danced in front of the whole school and sang St. Patrick’s Song with actions too during our Green Assembly.

Thank goodness for the Easter Holidays because all us Senior Infants need a rest after all our hard work this term.

Well done to all of you girls, you’re doing great! Thanks to all the Senior Infant parents for your continued support.

Have a wonderful Easter break ;-)

February 2015

This month has been busy, busy, busy! We have been learning all about animals and their babies, we made a big St. Brigid’s cloak, we made beautiful 3-D Valentine’s Day cards, we got back into the playroom now that it is free again, we’ve been doing Aistear both in the classroom and in the playroom with play stations like the Doctor’s Surgery, the Dentist, the Hairdressers, the Restaurant, the Post Office, Dress Up, House and Home, the Vet etc., we were working hard on the Investigation Table and we planted broad beans and helped them to grow. We had to give them water, put them in a warm place near the window and it was great to see the little shoots popping up after a week or so. We took our little plants home before mid-term so that we could look after them. 

January 2015

In Senior Infants we explored the effects of water on various materials. We examined fabric, paper, tissue and plastic. We described how they each felt when they were dry and then submerged them in water. We took turns feeling the items and analysing how they had changed and how water had affected them.

We discussed the suitability of various materials for different uses and we went on a materials hunt to find different types of materials used in our classroom, in our school and on our yard.

December 2014


We did lots of Art in Senior Infants. We made cut out Christmas Trees and decorated them with gems and sequence, we made clay decorations, we made a 3D Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer and we made paper trees. We learned Jingle Bells as Gaelige and can recite the poem Snow by Breda Courtney Murphy off by heart. We were hard at work this month but we had lots of fun while we were at it!

Happy Christmas to all the girls in Mrs. Mullins’ Senior Infant Class, well done this term! Enjoy the holidays xxx

November 2014


Senior Infants’ Experiment: How Does Sound Travel?

Senior Infants conducted an experiment on how sound travels. We learned that it travels in invisible waves. It can travel through the air but it prefers to travel through solids. The further the waves have to travel the quieter they become. We used cups and strings to test how sound waves travel. It was too noisy in the class room when we were all testing the cups and strings together so we took turns to go out on to the corridor for a little chat in pairs. It was great fun!

October 2014

Senior Infants Made Hallowe’en Scarecrows

Scarecrow, scarecrow

1 2 3,

Scarecrow, scarecrow you don’t scare me.


Scarecrow, scarecrow don’t be mean,

Scarecrow, scarecrow it’s HALLOWE’EN

September 2014

WELCOME to Mrs. Mullins’ Senior Infant Class 2014-2015

After a lovely summer break we are ready for action this year and what better way to begin than with a bit of music! Check out the pictures of us making music with percussion instruments. We love to shake, rattle and bang as Peppa Pig would say!