Senior Infants 1

June 2015

We had a great time on our tour to Clonfert Pet Farm!!

April/May 2015

We were very busy in April and May. We made Mary statues out of clay and created collages of Mary for our Sacred Space. We also drew and painted all the characters we have met this year in our Wonderland readers. Our last piece of art work for May was our amazing beach pictures! Finally, we have been working very hard at our writing. We tried our best to write our own sentences and present our work as carefully as we could.

March 2015


This month the girls in Ms. Fitzpatrick’s class have been working really hard on their new reader Globby Helps Out reader. The girls have made a huge effort to practice their word walls and writing. We are more than half way through the book...I wonder will Denzel and Globby make friends again before the end of story?? We’ll have to wait until after the Easter Holidays to find out!

Happy Easter to everyone, enjoy the holidays. 

February 2015

In February, we were ‘Busy at Maths’.  We also made Shamrock Men for St. Patrick’s Day!

January 2015

In January, we investigated the classroom, school and yard for different types of materials. We looked for materials that were hard, soft, rough and smooth and recorded our findings. We worked in groups and had great fun too!

December 2014

This month in Ms. Fitzpatrick’s class we made lots of Christmas art. We made rainbow Christmas trees, Christmas decorations, snowflakes and reindeer cards. This month we have also been learning about the story of nine!

November 2014

We enjoyed our playtime in November! We were building, cutting, creating and painting. In November, we did a hunt in the classroom for rhyming words.

October 2014

In October, we practised our throwing and catching skills in P.E. We also made Halloween bonfires out of crepe paper and cotton wool.


September 2014

We were Busy at Maths in September. We learned all about the story of 6. We took turns doing number activities on the computer and on the Interactive Whiteboard. We love Maths!