School Notes

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20th Nov 2020

Christmas annuals

19th Nov 2020

3rd-6th Class re Goggle

Classroom webinar

4th Nov 2020

Green School initiative 

Ms Casey's class

19th Nov 2020

Attendance notes

23rd Oct 2020

October Newsletter

21st Oct 2020

Note re. personal profiles

16th Oct 2020

Stay Safe programme note

13th Oct 2020

Assumption Secondary 

School Open Day

12th Oct 2020

Flu vaccine for children

at GP or pharmacy

8th Oct 2020

Fancy Dress Friday

25th Sep 2020

Letter to Parents

End of September

23rd Sep 2020

Steps taken in a suspected/

confirmed case of Covid-19

21st Sep 2020

Seesaw consent and 


8th Sep 2020

Job sharing Ms Baxter/

Ms Mullins

7th Sep 2020

Aladdin Connect Sen Inf- 6th Class

7th Sep 2020

Aladdin Connect Jun Infants

3rd Sep 2020

Welcome back letter