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Living Things- Grace Garde

3rd and 4th class visits


Grace is a science expert from the ‘Heritage in Schools’ and has been visiting 3rd and 4th class during April, May and June 2014. With Grace the girls examine the variety and characteristics of living things and the processes of life in science. Graces aims to stimulate the children’s scientific and creative skills through enjoyable and exciting experiences.


The five visits are based on:


  • Detective Flower

  • Detective Beetle

  • Detective Butterfly

  • Detective Acorn

  • Nature Investigator


The pupils learn about ecosystems around the school using scientific sampling and interactive nature based games and hands on activities using all the senses.

Nano-scientist- Arlene O'Neill

6th class visit March 2014


In March 2014 we won a prize for applying for the Discover Primary Science and Maths Award of Excellence. Arlene O’ Neill from Trinity College Dublin came to speak to the 6th class pupils about Nanoscience.


Nanoscience is the study of atoms and molecules and objects whose size are on a nanometer scale (really, really small things). Arlene gave a very interesting and enjoyable presentation to the girls. Some of the girls recognised Arlene as former Dublin Rose from 2012!


Vet- Caitriona from Palmerstown Veterinary Clinic

First class visit Novemeber 2013

A vet from Palmerstown Veterinary Clinic came to visit both 1st classes.


First classes were learning how people help us in our community. It was great that a real vet could visit us!


The vet talked about looking after our pets, particularly looking after our dogs. Some girls even got a chance to dress up as vets.


We learned how vets use science in their jobs like when they listen to animals’ hearts. The girls also got a chance to listen to each other’s hearts. Thanks for a great visit Catriona!

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