Second Class 2





September 2020

The girls in Ms McCartan's second class have been settling in so well since returning to school. 

The girls have been enjoying getting back into school life and seeing all of their friends again.

We have begun to explore seesaw at home and at school. The girls have been very enthusiastic about this new venture! 

We have read our first new story 'The Treasure Hunt' and designed some very creative treasure maps of our own!

We also explored the story of 'Tír na nÓg' and took part in several dramas around the story. Well done girls!


October 2020

October has been a busy month and is flying by!

We enjoyed Maths week during this month. We constructed our own clocks and have been practising times. We explored lots of word problems and created some wonderful symmetry pictures. 

Enjoy the midterm break girls and Happy Hallowe'en!


November 2020

During November the girls have been busy working on several tasks and topics.

We have been very creative in writing our own collection of poems. We will be putting our poems together into a book to bring home soon. 

Some girls took on the role of Thomas Edison during drama, while other girls posed questions. The girls knowledge of information learnt about Thomas Edison was very impressive!  

We examined how light travels and tested materials to determine if they were transparent, translucent or opaque during Science Week experiments. Well done to all the girls! 



December 2020