Third Class 2

September 2019

We had a busy start to the year. We found out all about each other by making all about me bunting. We created beautiful self-portraits that showed who we are on the inside and out. We had fun in science learning about the human body skeleton, skin, hair and teeth. We experimented on what fizzy and sugary drinks do to our teeth using a boiled egg. It was eye opening! We read stories about Irish Myths and Legends in History. We also researched a county in Ireland and presented it to our class. It was interesting to see all the things to do and see in the counties in Ireland. In Irish we learned all about Mé Féin and wrote about ourselves as Gaeilge. We are working very hard at improving our Irish.

We wore our county jerseys for county jersey day it was really fun. We also celebrated European Sports day with a skipathon.




October 2019

October in 3rd Class

This month we learned all about The Stone Age in History as well as Christopher Columbus. We looked at where the journey the River Liffey makes and the important places in Dublin it passes in Geography. In science we learned about solids, liquids and gases and how a solid can change into a liquid by melting. We melted chocolate in our hands using the heat we made from rubbing our hands together quickly. We then made Pumpkin lava lamps to show the gas rising up from the water into the oil. It was really fun. In Art we made Stone age cave paintings and spooky monsters out of clay for Halloween. We also made pumpkin pictures from chalk pastels. We wrote our first story in Gaeilge about Halloween. We learned how to write diary entries in English and we started reading our first novel Fantastic Mr. Fox. We are enjoying the book so far and cannot wait to see how it ends!

December 2019

In December we had lots of fun. We learned all about advent and made advent wreaths. We focussed on being kind to each other and opened our advent calendar each day to see what kind deed was on the list. In PE we did GAA on Tuesdays and gymnastics on Monday we are learning how to do a handstand. We made Angels in Art made from recycled materials used from a delivery to the school. We were shocked by the amount of plastic was involved. We wrote plays in Gaeilge as well as Christmas stories. Our Irish is getting better every day. We made gingerbread houses for Christmas. We learned songs for our Christmas concert in English and Irish and had great fun singing them. We are very excited for Christmas.

January 2020

January in third class

We had a fun and exciting January in third class. We welcomed the new year by setting New Years goals. We made beautiful images based on our poem ‘ Windy Night’. We welcomed Ms. O’Donnell into our class and had lots of fun learning about new and interesting topics. In geography we learned about the importance of the River Nile and the pyramids. We learned all about the life of an Egyptian. In science we mummified a tomato using salt and baking powder. We made beautiful ancient Egyptian drawings and masks. We then worked together to make a project based on ancient Egypt. In maths we learned about length and money. In English we started reading Tom sausage lion by Michael Morporgo. We also focussed on being healthy in January and being more active. In PE we had fun with Peter doing GAA and we started Frisbee with Stephen. We are learning all about the rules of ultimate Frisbee.




February 2020