Fifth Class 2


September 2020



October 2020

We have had a very busy month in Fifth Class! We are all settled into the new routines of school and getting used to doing some of our work online. This month, we learned how to write reports. We wrote brilliant reports on Mexico and we even wrote reports online about Amazing Inventions using Google Slides! Rinneamar ‘Bia’ as Gaeilge and we pretended we were on a breakfast show on TG4 to show off all our new foclóir and phrases. We wrote our own recipes online for our own class recipe book! We each took a pledge for Climate Action Week, and made an effort to do change something small to help the environment. We learned all about the digestive system and wrote Raps describing what happens! We did loads of lovely Halloween art including pastel pumpkins, sugar skulls and scary haunted houses! Enjoy midterm!



November 2020

We had a very busy month in November!

We did a virtual biodiversity workshop on zoom with Michele from INSIGHT Geology and Environment. We had lots of fun drawing maps and we learned lots about biodiversity. First we went outside to draw a draft biodiversity map of the Junior Yard. We then recreated the map on zoom and coloured and marked with different symbols for our key. It was great! (Neha)

We learned all about The Great Irish Famine. It was really interesting to learn about how people lived at that time. We did some interesting reports on Google Slides then we printed them out and stuck them together to create one big project. (Lucja)

This month our class did lots of eye-catching art with pastels. First we made colourful pastel feathers by drawing a line down our page, then drawing colourful strokes coming out of the line. We also made some shining Christmas lights which really seem to glow!  We also started working on our Christmas door decorations!! (Grace)

For science week, we did lots of experiments in class. We made lava lamps using water, oil and food colouring. We also made paper cup telephones using paper cups, string and a pen. It was so interesting to see the results! We looked at optical illusions and made our own optical illusions for art. We stuck pictures of ourselves onto them and it looks as if we are falling into a hole! (Lauren W)

We made leaves that had the names of our loved ones who have passed away. We put them altogether on our class Tree of Remembrance that our teacher made. Then we did lovely prayers to the ones who passed. We thought about them through the whole month. (Kyra K)

We read a novel called ‘An Elephant in the Garden’ by Michael Murpurgo. This book is based in Germany in 1945 during World War 2. Elizabeth, Karli and their mam who they call Mutti are living in Dresden where Mutti works in a zoo with an Elephant called Marlene. One night bombs begin to fall. They must escape the ruined city through the snow and freezing cold weather while trying to avoid the Russians and looking after and elephant. (Ciara K)

We did lots of work on long division. We used ‘Does McDonalds Sell Cheese Burgers’ to help us and played maths games. We worked in groups to solve hard sums. (Emma OS)



December 2020

We have done lots of amazing things this month and we worked very hard! We tackled fractions in Maths as well as 2D shapes. We wrote Christmas Narratives and redrafted our own stories! We also wrote Christmas acrostic poems. An téama a rinneamar sa Ghaeilge ná ‘An Margadh Nollag’. Bhí an-spraoi againn ag caint faoin Nollaig agus na traidisiúin éagsúla a bhíonn ar siúl. Is féidir linn ‘Tá Sí Beo’ a chanadh as Gaeilge agus go leor dánta Nollag a rá comh maith. We did lots of fabulous Christmas art including giant 3D snowflakes, Clay Mangers and Agamographs! Our fabulous SNA Ms. Glynn decorated our Christmas door to look like a gingerbread house with artwork that we made using crepe paper.

One way we spread joy this month was by writing letters to a local nursing home. We made lovely Christmas cards to go with them and we hope that we have brightened up someone’s day!

Well done girls. Have a lovely Christmas and enjoy the well-deserved break!

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