Fifth Class 2





November 2019

November 2019

Science week took place during November and we took part in the annual Science Fair in the school hall. We revised what we had learned about forces at the start of the year and presented experiments to demonstrate this. We each made a ‘Wag the Dog’ to show how a lever works and we made individual parachutes to show how air resistance and gravity works. We had a great time presenting our experiments to the visiting parents and the other classes. As November is the month of remembrance, we created our own ‘Garden of Remembrance’ to remember our loved ones who are no longer with us. We also drew symbols of items that reminded us of them for our sacred space. We created beautiful winter trees to represent the colder days that are here! We have also just finished reading ‘Under the Hawthorn Tree’ as our class novel which we all really enjoyed. In History we have been learning all about the Great Irish Famine and in Geography we have focused on famine around the world today. We are now working on projects based on what we have learned. We are all really looking forward to the fun month ahead in December!



December 2019

This month we’ve taken a festive approach to all of our work. We have been learning about the countries and capital cities of Europe and have discovered how Christmas is celebrated is some of these countries. We discovered that there are many Christmas traditions which are different to the ones celebrated in Ireland. In History, we examined World War 1. We looked at the countries involved and the events that took place, in particular the Christmas Truce that happened on Christmas Day 1914. Ms. Ferguson came in to our class and helped us make beautiful Advent wreaths. We designed individual funky reindeers and made Christmas decorations using clay too. We have learned the poem ‘’Twas the night before Christmas’ and are looking forward to performing it at the school assembly.

January 2020

This month we did lots of things including EU country projects that everyone is working very hard on.

We also learned all the capital cities of the European Union countries (And to be honest, I think we did a pretty good job!)

We had a talk with a man from Palmerstown Credit Union about money and how to save. We were also learning about the history of money and how people used to barter.

We did a lot of art this month including our éadaí art, where we designed our own outfits. We used different pieces of fabric to stick onto our people. We also did positive words about ourselves and New Year resolution stars!

Sadly, we finished our GAA training but we still had a blast and we couldn’t have done it without our coach, Peter!

Altogether we had a lot of fun in January!

By Shannon and Maria

February 2020

In February, our class learned all about Australia! We did projects in pairs and we all had different topics to research. In the end, our projects were put up on the wall. We were very proud. We also did Australian Aboriginal dot art using coloured paper and paint.

For Valentine’s Day we did Notan art (which is a Japanese style of art). We did these in all shapes and sizes.

This month was Friendship month and we learned a song ‘You Got a Friend in Me’ from Toy Story. We also did a worksheet about good qualities we look for in a friend.

The two fifth classes went to choir practice for the sixth class confirmation. It was really fun!