Sixth Class 1


September 2020

In September we did lots of learning. We read about Mary Robinson, our first female president. We did different kinds of art. We drew ourselves in lego figures and did masks art. We also made a booklet in SPHE. It was all about what we did during lockdown and how we felt. We enjoyed everything that we have done and we are so happy to be back in school with Ms Andrews. We hope you stay safe and well. Bye.




October 2020

 We learned about the eye and we painted our colour wheel with lot of different colours. We had lots of fun doing that!


This month we made clay pumpkin pinch pots by watching a video. We painted them. We had a great time painting them. We learned about the history of Halloween and wrote poems on Google Classroom.


We marked Climate Action Week by committing to five things to help tackle climate change. We typed them up on Google Classroom.


During maths week we coloured Halloween maths mosaics!


We also read about comic strips in our book and created our own. They are really colourful and easy to read!

Annmary Binil

November 2020