Sixth Class 1


September 2020

In September we did lots of learning. We read about Mary Robinson, our first female president. We did different kinds of art. We drew ourselves in lego figures and did masks art. We also made a booklet in SPHE. It was all about what we did during lockdown and how we felt. We enjoyed everything that we have done and we are so happy to be back in school with Ms Andrews. We hope you stay safe and well. Bye.





October 2020

 We learned about the eye and we painted our colour wheel with lot of different colours. We had lots of fun doing that!


This month we made clay pumpkin pinch pots by watching a video. We painted them. We had a great time painting them. We learned about the history of Halloween and wrote poems on Google Classroom.


We marked Climate Action Week by committing to five things to help tackle climate change. We typed them up on Google Classroom.


During maths week we coloured Halloween maths mosaics!


We also read about comic strips in our book and created our own. They are really colourful and easy to read!

Annmary Binil

November 2020

We did construction out of spaghetti and marshmallows. We made buildings and shapes out of the spaghetti and stuck them together with marshmallows .We all had loads of fun making them either by our self or with a partner. Some made tall towers while others made 3D shapes. Everyone enjoyed this art because if we didn’t want to keep our constructions we could eat the remainder of the marshmallows.


Another thing we did for art was salty dragons. First you had to draw an animal we all drew dragons. Everyone drew really nice dragons some with long tails and some with sharp scales. Then we had to paint it with very watery paint. We had the choice of either blue or orange. While it still was wet we placed it outside and sprinkled salt crystals on top. Then we had to wait. While we waited the salt crystals absorbed the watery paint. When they were dry we rubbed off the salt crystals. After we did that you could see the effects of the salt crystals.


Right now we are reading the novel Holes by Louis Sachar. We’re all doing loads of work about our novel and one of them is a drawing of what we think Camp Green Lake looks like. The drawing would have lots of holes, shovels, two trees with a hammock in between, scorpions, tents, the warden’s cabin and the most dangerous of all yellow spotted lizards.

Hannah Graham


December 2020


March & April 2021

We have started doing the daily mile.

On mindfulness day we had great fun doing chalk drawings on the yard. We made amber bracelets too. We had to concentrate very hard on the weaving. They came out really well. We went for a mindful walk and afterwards we relaxed in the oval for a while.

We are reading Wonder by AJ Palacio. We researched our favourite precepts and decorated them for our display board.