Fourth Class 2


September 2019

Here are fourth class learning about the counties and provinces of Ireland! We have been practicing which counties belong to each province. We play a game on the board where we have to pick out the county on a blank map or Ireland. It is very fun!


October 2019

We have had a very busy time here in St Brigid’s this October! We have made a model of the lungs using balloons and a plastic bottle, made lungs posters and made bridges using paper! We tested the bridges to find out which one was the strongest. The result was that the bridge that was folded over was the strongest. We are looking forward to Halloween and we have made skeletons using cotton buds in art!


November 2019

Another busy month has come and gone! This November has been action packed! We had our Witches Walk at the end of October which was then followed by Science Week in November. For Science Week we had a station in the hall at the Science Fair where we showed other students our lungs posters, our model of the lungs and explained how the lungs work. We also had a quiz on the lungs at the fair. We enjoyed seeing what the other classes had learned about in science. We did an experiment in our classroom on finding out which was the best cleaner for copper coins and it turns out that lemon juice and ketchup are the best! We also have had Peter in coaching us for PE in GAA where we have been playing Gaelic football and Camogie. We have also learned about modern art and made winter woollies clothes in art on the mini-people templates.




December 2019


January 2020

January 2020 has come and gone in a flash! This month we had a dancing workshop where we danced the cha cha. It was good fun and we had a dance off at the end. We also did some science experiments mixing different materials together to see if they mix or not. We learned about recount writing in English and wrote a recount of our best day ever. We investigated photographs, maps and aerial photographs of Palmerstown and then analysed what the differences were and if some things remained the same as the photos!

February 2020

February flew past us! We explored static electricity using balloons and rulers. We also learned about China and all of their traditions and about their tourist attractions. We made Valentine cards using quilling. February was friendship month in school and we discussed how to be a good friend to one another. We also made clay monsters which we will be painting this week, they are super scary!!