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St. Brigid's G.N.S. Student Council.



6th Class              5th Class                Teachers

Caragh                Alice                       Ms. Russell

Elle                      Eve                          Ms. Dolan

Erin                     Ava                          Ms. Corry

Ella                      Emilie Kate


The role of the Student Council is to act as representatives of  their classmates in discussing school issues and making decisions regarding school policies and procedures. It also allows the Student Council representatives to create a sense of ownership of the school and its activities among the student population.


The aim of the Student Council is to provide our students with greater involvement in the decision making of the school. The Student Council helps the students learn about how democracy works. It aims to provide memorable fun activities for the girls at St. Brigid’s GNS. The Student Council also aims to encourage positivity amongst the school population through promotion of monthly positive affirmations.


Meetings are held several times per term and are facilitated by  Ms. Russell, Ms. Dolan and Ms. Corry.

Communication to the school community:

  • Class Visits

  • Assembly Announcements

  • Whole school informational videos

  • Student Council Notice board in the hall and on the corridor


5th class girls who wish to be elected write an election speech at the beginning of the year. The classes vote anonymously and two girls are elected from each 5th class. These girls are in the role for two years.

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