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Science Week

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Students get to share their own thoughts and report about school events.

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Student Report 
Active Committee

My name is Ava and I have been on the active committee for two years. We have meetings once a month or when we need to. Ms Ferguson is the teacher who looks after the active Committee. We host fun activities for the girls of St. Brigid's, like our upcoming active concert. I enjoy being part of the active committee because I get to explain to the classes all of our fun ideas.

Science Week was a great week. Each class did some experiments for example moving toys or lava lamps. It was really fun. Lots of parents came  to see our experiments in the hall. We hope all the girls in the school enjoyed it.

Written by Emma.

Student Report
Green School

Hi I'm Áine and I'm a member of the Green Team.  As part of our learning in St. Brigid’s Fiadh, an environmental scientist from N.U.I came into Ms. Casey’s class and Ms. O’Sullivan’s class. She taught us all about pollution and how to cut back on the amount of waste we throw away carelessly on a daily basis.

She told us that if we keep sending waste to the landfills they will fill up too quickly and we will have nowhere to put all our rubbish!  We left the lesson  knowing that it is important to cut back on waste and to never forget our motto  … REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE!!

Student Report
Food Dudes

Hi I am Magdaline and I’m doing a report about Food Dudes. Food Dudes are four kids called Charlie, Tom, Razz and Rocco. They go to schools encouraging children to eat fruits and vegetables.

We tried Raisins, carrots, apples, baby tomatoes, bananas, green peppers, red peppers, oranges and much more. Every day when you finished eating fruits and vegetables you got a prize. I got a pencil case, rubbers, pencils, stamps, notebooks, bottles, and lunchboxes. Once again I’m Magdaline and I’m doing a report about Food Dudes.

Do it dudes!

Student Report 
Active Week


Hi my name is Selma. I'm in fifth class and I'm doing a report on active week.There were different activities every day .On Monday we went out to the yard and played volleyball and hockey.

On Tuesday we went to the oval and did javelling,frisby,camogie and tag rugby.On Wednesday we went to extreme for our school tour . We did things like ziplining, rockclimbing, arial tracking and archery. OnThursday we did something called skip hop. We learned new skipping games and new ways to skip.On Friday we did walk a mile with a smile.Then we went to the park and had a picnic. After that me and a few friends from my karate class came and we did a demonstration of some of the things we do.

That was my active week.

Student Report
Pink Day

Hi I’m Megan and I’m writing a report on Pink Day. Pink Day was a special event we held in our school to raise money for cancer awareness. As I’m on the student council I was managing a stall with my friend Amy. We sold all sorts of cakes like brownies, rocky road, fudge and lots of cupcakes. I remember months ago when we had only started thinking about Pink Day and saying “Don’t worry we have months to plan this” and then all of a sudden Pink Day is over and was a huge success. We raised over €1,400 just from the cake sale. Don’t forget a little help from St.Lorcans! Thank you to all the parents who donated, bought cakes and most importantly helped out, we couldn’t have done it without you. 


Student Report 
Knitting Club
Student Report
Buddy Reading

Hello, my name is Angel and I am doing a report about knitting club. Knitting club is really fun and you can make anything!! So far, I have made the letter A, leg warmers, a bow, a hat for a juice bottle, a phone case and a mini teddy. My friends and I are making a baby’s blanket. We made it by knitting squares and sewing them together. We each have our own squares so that’s great. The helpers that help us do knitting are really kind and are excellent at knitting. They are so fast at knitting- you can hardly see their hands moving. Remember if you want to try out knitting go for it.

Buddy reading is a bit of a tradition in St. Brigid’s G.N.S. All fifth class girls go once a week to a Senior Infant girl who has been picked at the very start of the year.

It’s great for both students, as they both learn about each other and improve their reading skills. Every week the pair choose a book for the rest of the lesson and read it carefully, ensuring the younger child gets it right as the older girl gently guides her along.

At the end of the book there are a few questions which we the fifth class girl ask our buddy. At the end of the session sometimes an older girl will tell a short story from our library (which homes 5,000 books) to the whole class.

This takes place at our first break (little lunch) for 15 mins. Although, we do have other things and activities with our buddies. We go on a witches walk and green day walk as well as a small party and a “concert” and some years we plant daffodils and tulips too! It really is so fun and a lovely thing to have in a lovely schoolJ!

 By Niamh