Junior Infants 2 - Ms Slaughter

November in Junior Infants

In November we had fun learning all about our bodies and people who help us. We took on the role of the Doctor, nurse and patient in the Role play area during Aistear playtime. We made X-Rays and doctor’s bags in Arts and Crafts. We learned about the people who help us in our community in SESE and learned all about the story of a letter. We read the story of the gingerbread man and put the events in order we even sequenced the nursey rhyme Humpty Dumpty. We made our own Humpty Dumpty too. In PE we are having fun learning GAA with Peter and we had fun performing creative dance to ‘Peter and the Wolf’. We were busy learning our sounds in November and we learned how to blend them together. We are going to keep practicing in December. We did an experiment for science week, where we saw warm water melt the sugar in skittles to make a rainbow.

We started practicing for our Nativity ‘What a star’ and are excited to perform it in December.