Fifth Class 1


September 2019

Here is some of the art work we did in September.


October 2019

We had fun with maths puzzles during maths week. We made Halloween pop art. We learned about the Native Americans.


December 2019

We are learning to knit in 5th class. We knit snowmen, stockings and Christmas trees. We made Christmas decorations from clay. We made Advent Wreaths.




January 2020

We have been learning to sew using wool and hession. Here are some of our finished pieces.

We used pastels and charcoal to create our winter scenes.

We did space projects, doing our research in our computer room.




February 2020

In February our Gaeilge theme was Éadaí. We designed outfits in Art class and labelled them in Irish. In Geography we learned about the E.U. We did projects on E.U. countries. We learned about the Aborigines and created some pieces of Aboriginal Art.​