Senior Infants 2

 October 2019

Here is a summary of what we got up to in October:

  • We made firework displays

  • We had our concert for Halloween

  • We went on our walk dressed up as witches

  • We started our ‘Buddy Reading’



November 2019

We started our new reader ‘Ella Goes to the Airport’ this month.

We visited the school Science Fair and really enjoyed looking at the experiments.

We learned about caring for our environment and know why it is important to recycle our rubbish.

We learned about the differences between the countryside and the city. Have a look at our cityscapes we made in art.


December 2019

Here is a summary of what we got up to in December:

  • Ms. Glynn made a beautiful Christmas display for our door and decorated our classroom.

  • The Sam Maguire came in to visit!

  • We had our Advent prayer service and made Advent art.

  • We had our Christmas concerts and Christmas assembly.

  • We watched the nativity play.