Senior Infants 2 - Ms Wells

We have been so busy this month in Senior Infants. To start off the month we were learning all about clothes, we talked about the different types of clothes we wear, how clothes have changed and what different materials clothes are made from. During play time, we took on the role of a shop assistant or a customer to buy lots of new clothes! We also got a chance to become fashion designers as we designed our school uniform and our own outfits!

During November it was Science week and we completed an experiment called Dancing Raisins, it was great fun, we recorded the results of what happened to the raisins when placed into water and 7up!

At the end of November, we learned all about toys. We got to talk about old and new toys, look through catalogues of new toys, and describe our favorite toys. During play time, we got the chance to work in the toy shop, selling and buying toys! We also built some toys for the toy shop using our Lego and construction blocks. It was really fun!