Third/Fourth Class  - Ms Ward

May highlights:

  • In Art this month we learned about the English artist Bridget Riley who is well known for optical art. In 1967, she began experimenting with colour and created her first stripe painting. We chose three colours and filled in the lines to create a Bridget Riley-inspired piece of art.

  • In SESE this month we have been learning about staying safe in the sun. With this in mind, we designed our own pair of sunglasses with some interesting and creative results!

  • In SESE this month we have also been learning about how clothes and fashion trends have changed so much in the last 100 years or so. We then designed some clothes that we think will be popular in the next decade.

  • As part of our HTML Heroes internet safety programme, we learned about how easy it can be to be anonymous online. We were paired with an anonymous partner in the class and we then used paper plates to create an emoji mask which represented our partner’s positive traits.

  • In Religion this month we listened to some stories about St Kevin of Glendalough. We then chose our favourite story and drew it on a Celtic cross.

Design your own sunglasses (1)
Design your own sunglasses
Bridget Riley art
My future outfit
St Kevin crosses
Emoji paper plates