Third/Fourth Class 


September 2020

Hi everyone!

September has been such a busy month for us all. It has been fantastic to get back to school to see our friends and teachers after such a long time! This year there are 24 girls in our class from both 3rd and 4th Class. We are very lucky as this means that we can make lots of new friends! It has been exciting to getting to know everyone. We have settled back so well into school. However, there are some things that are little different this year but we are getting used to it! We have been learning lots of things such as the ‘Counties and Provinces of Ireland’ and ‘Fionn and the Fianna’. It has been interesting learning about where we live. We have had great fun making our own masks in art showing us that we all have a smile behind a mask! J We also made colourful rainbows with positive aspirations about ourselves and we created our own ‘Lego Person’ and stained glassed windows. Take a look at the photographs!




March & April 2021

We are delighted to be back together with our friends. We missed each other! Over the last month we have been settling back into school. We had fun making our ‘St. Patrick’s Day’ art as well as our ‘Unique Bunnies’ and ‘Easter Eggs’. On Friday 16th April, we had our ‘Wellness Day’ for the ‘Amber Flag’. It was a fantastic day. We went on a socially distance ‘mindful walk’ with Ms. Casey’s class. Ms. Walsh did ‘Chair Yoga’ with us which we really enjoyed! Last but not least we made bracelets and also allowed to draw on the yard with chalk!