Third/Fourth Class  - Ms Ward


  • This month we have been learning about the Stone Age and the discovery of the Altamira Caves in Spain. For Art, we made our handprints using white chalk and earthy paint colours. We did this on sandpaper so that we could get an idea of how it must have felt to draw on cave walls!

  • We also used chalk to trace over the outlines of some prehistoric animals onto a black background and then we painted them earthy colours.

  • Sometimes before hometime, we listen to the story The Twits by Roald Dahl. There is a part in the story where Mr. Twit tells Mrs. Twit that she is shrinking and needs to be stretched! For Art, we learned how to draw Mrs Twit and we used old bottle caps to make balloons which were tied to her arms.

  • 4th class have been reading the novel Charlotte’s Web. We learned how to draw a spider’s web and we wrote our names in the middle. We then coloured and made patterns within the web using chalk pastels.


  • In Maths we used lollipop sticks to make different types of lines (vertical, horizontal, diagonal and parallel) and angles (acute, right, obtuse and perpendicular)

  • We have also been learning about fractions this month. Using paper plates, we made halves, quarters and eighths and created a collage with our table groups.

  • We used cocktail sticks to make lots of different 2D shapes (rhombus, square, rectangle, parallelogram, octagon, hexagon and pentagon) We also used cocktail sticks to make different types of triangles (equilateral, right-angled, isosceles and scalene)