The role of Student Council members is varied. They get the chance to voice students opinions on a number of matters and events taking place in school. The Student Council help out at many school events and assemblies. The Student Council take an active role in fundraising for worthy causes. 

Being part of the Student Council


My name is Ellie and I am one of the new members of the Student Council. I wanted to be on the Student Council because I wanted to help organise fun days like PJ day and also because if a student is feeling down and lonely they could come to me and I would try to help them.

We held elections to become memebers of the Student Council. When the time came to give my speech I was so nervous. I stood up and said my bit . After I got on to the Student Council I couldn't believe what had just happened! So, here I am now one of the new 5th class memebers of the Student Council.