Second Class 



September 2019

2nd class have had a busy September!

We made posters showing our class rules that we all agreed upon. We also created our own class Word Wall to help with some tricky spellings. We have been singing lots of songs this month, and we played some percussion instruments to go along with the music. 2nd class also learned about the Sun and light, and experimented with materials to see if they were transparent or opaque.

Our artwork this month has included our self-portraits, designing our own planet, and practising colour mixing. We are a very creative bunch!



November 2019

November was a very busy month for 2nd Class! We have been working hard but are still trying to remember to be kind to ourselves.

We had lots of fun using balloons to create static electricity and enjoyed taking part in the Science Fair, showing off all of our experiments!

We did a Web Quest on penguins, and found out some interesting facts. We used this information to help us write penguin poems, and we learned how to draw cartoon penguins too!





December 2019

At the beginning of December, we worked hard to research and make our projects about Italy, which turned out really well!

We then spent a lot of time learning about Advent and preparing for Christmas. We learned about how Christmas is celebrated in other countries around the world. We created beautiful Advent and Christmas themed art which we were excited to bring home. We learned some new songs and poems which we performed at the Christmas concert.



January 2020




February 2020

In February we talked about friendship and bullying. It was St. Brigid’s day the 1st of February. It was Ash Wednesday the last Wednesday of February. We made posters for green travel. We had a bake sale and raised 1,900 euro. It was pancake Tuesday the 25th of February. We are doing gymnastics and we are doing the pencil roll and the tuck roll. We made cards for Valentine’s Day.

By Eve and Ellie