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School Rules

                 School rules are devised with regard for the health, safety and welfare of all members of the school community.


                 (1) RESPECT AND COURTESY – SCHOOL PROPERTY:     

                 All pupils are expected to treat staff, their fellow pupils and visitors with respect and courtesy at all times.  The use of foul language

                 and any form of bullying are unacceptable.  Pupils must respect all school property, and keep the school environment clean and

                 litter free.  Chewing gum destroys our schoolyard and is not allowed.  St. Brigid’s is a Smoking Free zone.  


                 (2) PUNCTUALITY: 

                 The official opening time is 8.50 a.m. and children should assemble in the schoolyard in their class groups.  Parents are asked to allow

                 their children “enter” and “exit” the building on their own. 


                 Classes for Infants end at 1.30 p.m.  Classes for the other pupils end at 2.30 p.m.  

                 No responsibility is accepted for the pupils outside of these times. 

                 Each child must supply a home phone number, mobile phone number ands two alternative contact numbers, so parents can be

                 contacted in the case of illness or emergency on their Personal Profile.

                 If a pupil needs to leave the school before the appropriate time for any reason, advance notice in the form of a note from the

                 parents must be given to the class teacher.  Pupils must be collected by a parent or a responsible adult nominated by the parent,

                 who must “sign out” before leaving. 


                 (3) PERSONAL PROPERTY:

                 Children should have their names on their coats and other personal property, such as schoolbooks, copies etc.  The school cannot take

                 responsibility for items lost or stolen on the premises.


                 (4) UNIFORM- School uniform consists of: 

                     • Light-blue long sleeved blouse/polo shirt in May and June  (Not September)

                     • Grey skirt/pinafore 

                     • Royal-blue cardigan or jumper

                     • School tie

                     • School trousers may be worn between the months of November and March inclusive. Only standard grey straight-legged                                                       trousers may be worn. No other colour or type of trouser will be acceptable and this rule will be strictly enforced.  

                     • Flat Black shoes or black boots (runner shoes may be worn on PE days only) 

                     • Black tights (white knee socks after Easter)

                     • Full uniform must be worn, tracksuit on PE days only.  Plain navy tracksuit with school crest only allowed.  Crests available  at


                     • Loop type earrings are not allowed.  Rings are not allowed.

                     • Body painting and body piercing (other than one stud in an ear) is not permitted. 

                     • Watches and one pair of  stud earrings only permitted.

                 NO MOBILE PHONES, under any circumstances.


                 (5) BEHAVIOUR IN CLASS: 

                 Pupils should have all their books and complete written work.  Pupils should respect their teacher and fellow pupils and themselves.  

                 Pupils are taught to respect their own property and that of others.  They should respect the right of other pupils to learn.


                 (6) LUNCH:

                 St. Brigid’s G.N.S. operates A Healthy Eating Policy.  Every effort should be made to ensure that children have a wholesome lunch.

                 (Chewing Gum, crisps, lollipops, popcorn, fizzy drinks and glass bottles are not allowed).  Sweets, biscuits or cakes on Fridays only.


                 (7) BEHAVIOUR OUT OF CLASS:

                 Walking ONLY allowed on corridors – pupils stand back to allow an adult or teacher pass.  Any instructions or directions given by

                 the supervising teacher are to be complied with.  Rough behaviour is not acceptable whether inside or outside school. In the interest

                 of general good behaviour in the school any teacher may correct any child from any class. Pupils remain the responsibility of their 

                 parents until 8.50 a.m. and after 2.30 p.m.  No child is allowed to return to the school premises after 2.30 p.m., for any reason. 


                 (8) HOMEWORK: 

                 It is the policy of the school to assign homework on a regular basis.  Homework is rarely assigned at weekends.  If homework is not

                 done or if a pupil is absent a note of explanation should be given.  Parents should check pupils’ homework daily.


                 (9) YARD:

                 Pupils are expected to behave in a mannerly fashion.  They should not behave in any way, which endangers themselves or others.

                 Running, chasing, fighting, spitting or pushing are not allowed.  No child is allowed to stay in at the “breaks”, except in exceptional

                 circumstances and unless they have written permission from their parents.  Parents of pupils who go home for lunch must fill in an

                 official school form.  No pupil may leave the yard without the teachers’ permission.  Children who wear glasses may not do so on the

                 yard, unless parents have given written consent. Children may not bring toys, pencils etc. on to the yard.


                 (10) DOGS:

                 For Health and Safety reasons the Board of Management requests that dogs are NOT brought onto the school grounds at any time.


                 (11) ABSENCES:

                 Every absence of a child must be accounted for.  Please write a note if your child is absent.   Please notify the school if your daughter

                 has an infectious disease.


                 (12) BIRTHDAY PARTIES:

                 Invitations may not be distributed during school hours.



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