First Class 


September 2020

The First Class girls have had a great month back at school. It has been fantastic to see our friends again and we have been playing lots of games and having fun together.

In PE, we have been creating our own dances. We have lots of energy to burn! We also had a lovely yoga session with Ms Walsh, and have started playing Gaelic football with Peter, our local Games Promotion Officer.

Our class have worked really hard this month, practising our best handwriting, speaking as Gaeilge, and learning Maths. We learned a lot about Autumn and went on a nature walk, using all of our five senses. We have been collecting conkers and leaves, and made leaf rubbings using crayons. We are a very creative bunch and have made some beautiful artwork this month. We even designed Christmas cards even though it’s only September!



October 2020

In the month of October, we had Space Week and Maths Week. During Space Week, we learned about the Solar System, astronauts, and we designed our own planets. During Maths Week, we did a lot of problem-solving, and went on a Maths trail around the yard.

We also have been taking part in lots of Halloween-themed games and activities. We were all really excited for Fancy Dress Friday!



November 2020

During the month of November, it was Science Week. We had lots of fun exploring magnets!

In PE, we created and played our own playground games. We had to come up with the rules and teach the rest of the class how to play.

For Art, we were learning how to mix colours. We learned about mixing primary colours to make secondary colours, and we also mixed colours with white and black to make darker or lighter tones. We used our colours to paint winter coats, hats and gloves.


December 2020