First Class 


September 2019

Hi everyone!

We are now in 1st class! We have had a very busy month! We have all been working so hard and have settled in nicely to our new class! It has been great getting to know each other and we have enjoyed making lots of new friends. This month we have been learning some songs from the musical ‘Matilda’ and are getting better each day. We made beautiful autumn trees and self-portraits.  We also learned all about the ‘Salmon of Knowledge’ in history. We have had great fun playing maths games and working in pairs.

Keep up the good work girls!




November 2019


We have had such a busy month this month. Everyone in the class has been working so hard. We have been learning all about floating and sinking for Science week and we enjoyed demonstrating our experiments in the hall for the whole school. We enjoyed reading the story of ‘The Stickman’ and wrote some lovely stories ourselves. We created some lovely Winter scenes in art and made our own version of the ‘Grinch’.  Ms. Lane did lots of fun activities with us and we were sad to say goodbye to her but hopefully she will come back to visit us very soon.



October 2019


We have had a very busy month this month leading up to Halloween. We really enjoyed the ‘Witches’ Walk’. In Science, we learned all about Planet Earth and Space for Space week. We made really funny self-portraits and we drew our own picture of Space. We learned songs from the musical ‘Matilda’ with Ms. Guinane and performed one in front of the whole school. We have been practising hard on our number lines and have bene learning all about the hundred square. We have had Ms. Lane teaching us and she taught us some very exciting lessons. She helped us to make some spooky witches and acrobats in art. We are looking forward to having Ms. Lane teach us for a few more weeks.