Student Council News

It's been a great experience being on the Student Council. I hope many others will love this experience as much as I did. It's been so much fun organising fundraisers and working with charities. I'm in 6th Class and I'll nbe leaving this year so I wish the best for the Student Council in the future!


Posted Dec '16

Updated lyrics of School song (tune of ‘Happy’)

Because I’m happy in school with my friends and all the

teachers too.

Because I’m happy in school but there’s still a lot of work to


Because I’m happy in school all the time and that is so true.

Because I’m happy on yard with my friends and in the

classroom too.


Here come’s good news talking this and that. (clapX8)

We are in St Brigid’s G.N.S (clap X8)

I better warn you you’ll be just fine.  (clap X8)

Because our school has good times.

Here’s why…


Happy,Happy,Happy,Happy (X4)

Posted Dec '16