Senior Infants 1 - Ms Russell

November 2021 Website Text


During November, we had two different Aistear themes. The first one was the Clothes Shop. We created our uniforms using fabric at the creative area, and also pretended that we were fashion designers and designed our own outfits too. Our second Aistear theme was the Toy Shop. At the role play area we made our shopping lists and bought and sold different toys. As part of our SESE this month we discussed materials and examined some of the different materials in our classroom. We also learned about the difference between old and new toys and we asked our parents and guardians about the favourite toys that they had when they were our age. We designed toy robots using 2D shapes, as we had learned about 2D shapes in Maths this month. We got VERY excited for the Late Late Toy Show and we tried to predict what kind of jumper Ryan Tubridy would wear!