Senior Infants 1 - Ms Russell

During September we have had a great time talking all about our homes and our family. We spoke about the different members of our family and drew pictures of them. We chatted about the different types of homes that people live in, our five senses and how much we have changed since we were babies. We loved our Aistear time this month! The theme was ‘Home Corner’ and every afternoon we learned through play at a different play area. At the role play area we played families, preparing the dinner, watching television and reading books together. At the playdoh area, we prepared lunch and dinner and made different things for around the house such as a rubber duck for the bath and cushions for the couch. We also created our own hanging houses using lollipop sticks at the creative area, we used lego to build houses at the construction area and we played at the small world area using the doll house. We’ve had a great month getting to back in to our routine at school and have been working hard at revising our phonics, practising our writing and doing our Maths and Irish too!