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Homework- Why? What? How?


To give parents an opportunity to be the co-educators of their children.

To reinforce work done in school

To foster positive academic home-school links.

To give parents an insight into work being done at school.

To foster the discipline of learning.

To teach pupils to learn independently.

To involve parents in the school lives of their children.



Homework should be age ability or class appropriate.

Homework should reflect work already being done in class.

Content of homework should be such that even the weakest child who finds school work challenging should be

able to attempt it.



Homework should be done in a quiet environment with as little disruption as possible.

Parents/Guardians are expected to check that their daughter has completed her homework and are encouraged

to sign her journal.

Equal importance and emphasis should be placed on oral work as is placed on written or practical work.

Reading should be heard every ‘school night’.

While parents/guardians are encouraged to supervise their daughter’s homework and help if necessary, they should

not do her work for her, as this is counter-productive.

If homework is not done or is incomplete it should be finished the next night at teachers discretion.

Written genuine reasons for incomplete or unfinished assigned homework should be given to the class teacher by


Homework is not normally given on a Friday.

On other occasions a teacher may not give homework e.g. school tour days, as a special treat etc.  These occasions

are at the discretion of each individual teacher.

Neatness and cleanliness are essential parts of written homework and children should take pride in their work.



In general pupils should spend approximately the following times* on homework: 


Junior/Senior Infants 15 minutes

First/Second Classes 20 minutes

Third Class 30 minutes

Fourth Class 40 minutes

Fifth/Sixth Classes 1 hour


However, parents may allow longer time if they feel it necessary.  Any particular problems or worries about homework

should be brought to the teacher’s attention as early as possible in the school year. These times are only a guideline.



Incomplete homework with no genuine reason must be completed the following night and/or the weekend.

Parents will be informed if problems persist.

Extra homework may be given.

Pupils will be sent to Principal’'s office if there is an ongoing problem with homework.



Rewarded by teacher in her own way.

Exceptional effort or improvement noted and Principal informed.

Parents informed.



What should pupils be doing for homework?  In some circumstances, especially in cases of Learning Support,

homework will be appropriate to an individual child’s learning ability.  Individual homework may be allocated to pupils

by teachers as necessary.  However, below is a guideline to what pupils might expect for homework in the various

standards.  Not all of these activities are given every night, especially in Senior classes.


JUNIOR INFANTS:          Work on Numbers,


                                         Library books,

                                         Reading (as year progresses)


SENIOR INFANTS:           Sight Words

                                         Basic writing

                                         Basic number work


                                         Library Books


FIRST CLASS:                  English reading.

                                         English spelling


                                         Writing sentences


                                         Practical Work (Seeking Information).


SECOND CLASS:             English reading.

                                         Irish reading.

                                         Rote learning – Spelling/Tables.

                                         Oral Maths


                                         Writing exercises

                                         Practical Work


THIRD-SIXTH                  English/Irish reading

CLASSES:                         English/Irish spellings

                                         Tables/Oral Maths


                                         Written activities in various subjects

                                         Written Mathematics activities

                                         Practical Work (Projects)*


There is a misconception among some pupils and parents that when oral work/reading only is given for homework

it is not important and therefore ignored.  Equal importance should be given to oral and written homework.

*Project work is not information simply downloaded from computers. Handwritten exercises and evidence of research

i.e. homework should also be included.

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