Junior Infants 1






September 2019

Well done to all the girls as they have been settling in so well to their new school.

Girls in Ms McCartan's class have loved getting to experience using the interactive whiteboard!

During September we have worked hard on our new letter sounds. Well done! 

The girls painted their self-portraits this month and have also been practising their cutting and pasting skills. They even managed to put Humpty Dumpty back together again!

October 2019

Halloween and autumn were the two big themes in Junior Infants this month. We have been practising for the October assembly, where we will perform a witchy song for the other girls from Senior Infants to 2nd class. We are looking forward to Witches Walk Day!

The girls from 6th class visited each day during maths week to work with the Junior Infants on a shape quiz!

We made some beautiful artwork during October. The girls completed their first entry to their sketchpad which will be filled in each year until it is brought home in 6th class! 

November 2019

We visited the hall during Science Week. We worked on the topic of materials. We investigated which materials would make a waterproof hat for our class teddy Lucy. We made predictions and used the same amount of water each time to keep the test fair. We discovered that rubber and plastics were both suitable materials for Lucy's rain hat! 

We made rainy day pictures using cupcake cases, pipe cleaners and some paint!

December 2019

December has been a busy month for all the girls in Junior Infants. The girls worked very hard in preparation for their Nativity play and put on a super performance on the 19th of Dec for all the grown ups. Well done! 

Enjoy the Christmas break everyone!

January 2020

During January the girls in Ms McCartan's class worked hard writing and decorating their first book all about people who help us. The girls have become noticeably more confident with their writing. Well done!

Some of the girls took photographs for this class page of the website, this month. They were asked to find signs of winter. 

February 2020

We explored magnets in Science this month. It was fun to go on a magnetic hunt of our classroom. We made predictions and investigated items to test for magnetism. We discussed the materials and results of our test. 

During February we made some lovely art including our Valentine's cards, 3D daffodils and cherry blossom trees.