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                        GREEN SCHOOL- THAT'S OUR RULE!

Green Schools

Updated June 2020

Green News June 2020

It has been a different end of year for our Green Team. We are usually busily gathering up paper, batteries, stamps and cards from classes to be recycled. But Mr Donoghue has been busy on our behalf and all our recycling has been done. Thank you Mr Donoghue.  Next year we start work for our 10th Green Flag, Global Citizenship: Food and biodiversity. Our compost bins on the Junior Yard are now ready and the compost will be emptied during July to help improve the soil on the Junior Yard. We will be planting some vegetables next year, so if anyone has large planting containers (at least 30 cm diameter) we would be very glad of them, but not until September.

It is with great sadness that we say ‘farewell’ to our wonderful sixth class green girls. They were an inspiration to the rest of the team and we hope they stay green and bring the strong green message from St Brigid’s to their new schools. A big ‘Thank You’ also to all of you who support our many green efforts over the year. Stay Safe, Stay local and Beir Bua!


Green Schools

Updated May 2020

Green News May Hello everybody! I hope you are all enjoying the fantastic weather we have been having for the last number of weeks. It’s hard to imagine that it’s May already! Now for some really great news… St. Brigid’s has been awarded our 9th Green Flag! An Taisce, the awarding body said ‘’You all deserve a huge amount of credit for your efforts. The work that you are doing is really having a positive impact, and when the work of all schools is combined it’s truly amazing!’’ I would like to thank the Green Girls, from both years, for all their hard work, diligence and enthusiasm and of course Ms Slaughter who kept things going when I was ill. A big thank you to, to Karen Moore from Green Schools, our Green Travel officer. A huge thank you to all the parents and guardians and the wider school community who help us with all our green endeavourswalking/scooting and cycling to school, designing and making costumes, completing surveys etc. A big thank you also to Mr. Donoghue who keeps our school spick and span every morning even during the cold dark winter days. We will have to have a flag raising ceremony, of some sorts, we return to school (and maybe even a night off homework!) Now is the time for planting your summer bulbs and sunflowers. I know garden centres may not be open yet but remember you can recycle containers as planters. Cut off the top of your milk cartons and wash out thoroughly. Remember to put a little hole at the end for drainage. You could use these to plant apple pips, seeds from tomatoes or seeds from strawberries. You might like to keep a nature diary at this time of year with so much happening to birds, flowers and animals. You could do something like this: Today I saw/heard/smelt/felt In the garden/balcony/out the window And I thought… So I.. Remember to check out for Green ideas you can try at home. Now for the tenth Green Flag...! Thank you again for all your support, E. Casey

Green Information

Updated April 2020

Green News Hello everybody! I hope you have been safely enjoying the sunshine during the week. Just to let you know that although the schools have been shut, the Green Co-ordinators in St. Brigid’s have been busy filling in the application for our ninth green flag, Global citizenship: Travel. An Taisce, the awarding body, have said they recognise all the hard work which students, families and staff have made towards achieving and renewing the Green flag and that they will work with all schools to ensure that their work is rewarded. So keep your fingers and toes crossed that we will be successful! Please don’t forget to continue reducing and recycling waste. I’m sure you could be very creative in reusing items from your green bin to make fantastic art works! Remember to take time out to enjoy the spring plants, animals and of course the birds. Green schools Ireland, part of An Taisce, have launched their latest project Green-Schools Stay Home. From An Taisce: Weekly activities and tips, which are suitable for a wide range of age groups, promise to be fun and educational and can be completed individually by students or involve the whole family. We’ve already been contacted by some of our coordinating teachers with positive feedback so we hope that you enjoy them too! We love direct feedback as much as we love people sharing the creations and activities that they have made at home, based on the Green-Schools Stay Home project so let us know what you think. Check out for these great green activities which you might complete at home. They are all based on the green flag themes. We hope you and your families are keeping well, washing your hands and maintaining social distancing. We will all be together soon, Ms. Casey and Ms Slaughter (Green Schools Co-ordinators)

Green Information

Updated Jan 2020

St. Brigid’s is Striding Forth!

As part of our Global Citizenship Travel theme, the Green Committee in St Brigid’s is taking part in the Big Travel Challenge. This challenge is run by An Taisce and hopes to increase the amount of children travelling in a green way to and from school. In St. Brigid’s we have chosen the area of Park and Stride as our focus and we hope to increase numbers striding to our school.

At present only 16% of our girls park and stride to school with 28% driving all the way. We are asking parents and guardians to consider parking at Super Valu and walking to school. The Green Committee conducted a Walk-ability-audit, and found that the paths were wide and generally clear of litter. The health and wellness benefits of walking to school are immeasurable. This would also cut down on pollution around our school .Why not pop the scooter in the boot and scoot to school?

We are running an art competition in school for all classes to design a poster showing the benefits of Green Travel with particular emphasis on Park and Stride.

We will survey the school again in February and hope that the numbers have increased. So put on those boots and stride to better health and well being!

The Green Committee.

January 2020

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