Sixth Class 2

September 2019

September 2019

This year so far we have learnt about the respiratory system. We did a project on them. We wrote about it, and drew a diagram of them. We watched a video with pigs’ lungs. They were quite big and worked like human lungs. We know that they did, because in the video he got a straw and blew into the lung. We also built a model replica of the lungs using a bottle, play dough, straws, balloons and scissors. We cut the bottom off the bottle, and then stuck the balloon to the straw using cellotape or a rubber band. If you had two lungs in your model, you stuck the straws together. We then used the play dough to hold the straw or straws in place. Next, we used another balloon to cover the bottom of the bottle. This acts as the diaphragm. We did lots of quizzes about the lungs and it was really fun!

At the start of the month, we did games to learn more things about each other. We did sketches of ourselves and they turned out really well!

We are also learning about the counties of Ireland. We played games and quizzes on the interactive white board.

We just introduced our class dojo. Ms. Hession has a system where if you do something good, you get a point. We have individual and class points. We chose the prizes/awards to work towards. You can cash in your points for different things like a lucky dip, or a homework pass.  We also have been doing a lot of mindfulness colouring and it’s really calming.

By Sadhbh McWeeney  and Éadaoin Fay

The football team are going great! We have been split inot two groups-Alpha and Charlie. I’m on team Alpha and we’ve played really well. Congratulations to Hazel McKenna and Ava Walsh, the amazing players who have been chosen to be team captains. Our football coaches Ms Mullins and Ms Blake are doing a great job coaching both teams.  Hopefully we win all our matches so we can play in Croke Park!


 By Robyn Graham



October 2019

This month we did lots of fun activities! It was Space Week from October 4th-10th, so we did projects on space. We all chose a different subject on space, like the solar system, food in space and planets, to name a few. We researched the topics in the computer room. When they were finished, we presented them to different classes around the school and it was really fun!

We also made rockets during Science Week, out of foam insulation pipes. We launched them in the PE hall using them using metre sticks. We used quadrants to measure the degree of the angles we shot them at.

The next week was Maths Week and we played a lot of maths games, had a quiz with the other sixth class and lots did of fun puzzles!

Team Alpha got the Semi-Finals of GAA and we’re really proud of them!

This month we started Athletics with Coach Ciarán. He does running, jumping and throwing with us, and I hope to learn more from him.

For Halloween we made paper mache masks. We moulded tinfoil into the features for our masks and stuck them on with tape. We layered the paper mache over the balloon and its features. We painted them when they were dry.

We are preparing for the Witches Walk and Concert at the end of the month. We’re doing two songs-Peigí Litir Mór and Spooky Scary Skeletons. We will sing, play tin whistle, guitar and percussion instruments. We’ve been practicing very hard!

By Ella Sliney and Hannah Ceniza


November 2019