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Maths Week 2018

13th-21st October 


Maths Week this year in St. Brigid’s GNS was a great success with numerous maths-based activities happening in all classes.  Pupils took part in a wide variety of fun maths activities such as ‘Guess the Number?’, Puzzle workshops, Numeracy-based Art Activities, Code Writing and Decoding messages, Tangrams, Domino Challenges, Daily Challenges/Puzzles and Maths Trails.  They also played Counting Games, Board Games, Pattern & Shape Games, Number Card Games, Maths Loop Games and various ICT Numeracy Games.  Ms Russell’s 5th class attended a Numeracy Workshop in Palmerston Library which was enjoyed by all involved.  Girls in the senior classes even used their brain power during break-time to solve daily Maths Puzzles displayed on the yard.  Thank you to all the teachers and pupils for taking part with such enthusiasm.  A special thanks to the Yard Puzzle Team from Ms O’Sullivan’s class who helped organise the daily Yard Puzzles.

Why not take a look at the photos of Maths Week 2018 in St.Brigid’s GNS!!

Domino Challenges


Encoding and decoding

Numeracy Art

Puzzle Workshop

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