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Discovery Primary Science

 Maths and Science


Junior Infants were very busy counting out teaspoons of each liquid
to use in our experiment. They had to make sure they measured each
liquid properly to make it a fair test. They did this by counting out
15 teaspoons of each liquid (lemon juice, coke a cola, water and


Maths and Science


Volcanic Eruptions- 4th Class 

Fourth class used maths and science when they were learning about
volcanic eruptions. The girls used what they have learned in capacity
to measure out the water, oil and vinegar.

Maths and Science

3D Shapes- 6th Class

Sixth class created amazing 3D shapes using sticks and
marshmallows. They constructed amazing shapes like triangles,
prisms and pyramids.

Maths and Science

Maths Week 

The school celebrated Maths Week on the 13th of October to the 21st of October 2018. Each class got involved and had great fun

doing the activities.
Junior Infants completed lovely shape drawings. They had great fun
counting all the buttons on the gingerbread on our interactive white
Senior Infants completed pumpkins using a variety of different
First Class and Second Class had great fun using patterns.
Second class also had great fun using tangrams.
Third class created some lovely tessellations.
Fourth class designed bar charts about favourite things within their
Fifth class had a puzzle workshop were they created things using
different objects.
Sixth class had great fun creating symmetrical animals.
During break times, maths puzzles were displayed in the windows and
girls had great fun figuring out the answers!


Show and Tell

Show and Tell

Science Fair 

On Tuesday the 13th of November 2018, we held a Science Fair in our school
hall. Each class made science displays and demonstrated science experiments
to other classes throughout the day. Everyone did a fantastic job preparing the
experiments and engaging with the other girls, parents and guardians. There
were plenty of interesting experiments and investigations to see including
volcanic eruptions, seeing what liquid is the best for cleaning a dirty coin,
shadow puppets, amazing triangles, acrobatic clowns, dancing raisins, looking
at the eye, electricity, colour spinners and different instruments made to look
at sound. We really enjoyed working as scientists for the day. Well done to
everyone involved!

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